Phone Booth Gallery was founded in 2008 in Long Beach, CA and has since become known worldwide for their unique stable of artists, modest method of operation, and exceptional selection of printed art editions. Returning to its roots as an online art gallery, it moved out of its physical exhibition space in 2015 to pursue new approaches and special projects.

Championing an international stable of emerging and mid-career artists, the gallery features a selection of stylistically diverse, leading edge artwork that blurs the line between fine art, commercial illustration, pop art, advertising,
and classical painting.

Phone Booth Gallery has a strong dedication to artists that thrive on alternative tenants, and takes pride in harvesting these talents by taking passionate risks. The exhibitions, limited editions, and special projects the gallery curates reflects its intimate relationship between artists, as well as the community that surrounds them.

Phone Booth Gallery presents an accessible experience to a broad viewership beyond institutional barriers, and consistently exceeds formal expectations of a contemporary art gallery. Formerly located in the small upscale neighborhood of Bluff Park in Long Beach, and now residing exclusively online, Phone Booth Gallery has placed work in prestigious local and international collections through physical exhibitions, art fairs, commissions, special projects, and web based launches.

The gallery is not currently seeking submissions, but we love to be exposed to new talent.
Please note we cannot provide individual feedback to all those who submit work.

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